Township is a mobile-platform farming-simulation game. Use the Amazon Underground App to get access to the Amazon Coin Payment Method system for Township. Save 35% when you purchase Cash and Gold with Amazon Coins. Make sure your account is synced with Facebook so you do not lost any progress. Utilize […]

Get Free Cash and Gold in Township with Amazon Coins

I recently got into Hearthstone and I was very hesitant about buying a bunch of pixels online. I have lived through multiple Magic phases and I have put serious dents in my wallet. This was a nice way to get a bunch of cards on the cheap for a new […]

Free Hearthstone Packs With Amazon Coins

So far, I’d say success. I’m writing another blog post aren’t I? Before I talk aobut what i want to be doing in the near future, let’s recap and discuss any updates from my previous post and whats happened since m time away. First things first, my teamspeak is blossoming. […]

Rust, Teamspeak, and Shameless Marketing

I have been taking streaming seriously for little over half a year now. I put this website up sometime around then. I’ve always wanted to have a secondary place to talk to viewers and friends that I play with, but that ended up becomming The Worst Team Ever. I am […]

I finally did some work on the site…